Medical Devices

Since 2005 BEC works in the field of medical device technology. After various projects for Siemens Healthcare at the Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy Center ( HIT ) and the Marburger Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) BEC is today a certified manufacturer developing medical devices.

exacure - precision for life

The exacure system is the first stand-alone medical device that has been developed by BEC, as a certified medical device manufacturer (DIN ISO 13485) and got successfully installed at MedAustron in Wiener Neustadt.

A custom-modified industrial robot, designed and adapted for medical use, is the core of the exacure-system. Its most distinctive feature is the ceiling mount, which allows for movement in seven independent degrees of freedom. The robot can not only be positioned in all three dimensions and six degrees of freedom, but also be moved along the ceiling towards and from the beam nozzle in order to further improve flexibility of patient positioning. Another advantage of the ceiling-mounted system is the integrated optical tracking system: it monitors the treatment couch position 500 times per second and applies corrections in real time, if necessary, to ensure optimal treatment results.

The agility of the robot, which can be optionally ramped up with a seventh axis for extended workspace requirements, enables examove to position and move patients in all six degrees of freedom (DOF) and perform +/- 130 degrees of isocentric rotation. In the up to 300 kg payload category, KUKA offers the most compact machine on the market, and with the highest power density, making it possible to position patients weighing up to 300 kg. BEC technology makes the positioning system accurate up to ± 0.5 millimeters. Mass-induced fl ex of the couch can be compensated for by look-up tables and models of the system or can be automatically compensated by a tracking-based feedback loop.

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Projects & References

BEC medaustron

MedAustron / Austria

In 2013, the innovative exacure concept also convinced the experts at MedAustron, one of the most advanced centers for ion beam therapy and research in Europe. In a competitive global bidding process, BEC won the contract for the supply of four therapy rooms at their emerging carbon ion facility.

With MedAustron one of the most advanced centers for ion beam therapy and research in Europe is currently being built in Wiener Neustadt (Austria). The radiation therapies applied will use protons and carbon ions. In the fully operational phase, 1,400 people per year are expected to benefit from the international first-class medicine and patient positioning at MedAustron. This exciting new project at MedAustron will give many cancer patients a new opportunity to receive effective treatment using ion beam therapy.

BEC HIT Heidelberg

Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy Center (HIT) / GERMANY

BEC began its activities in the field of radiotherapy in 2005 with the Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy Center (HIT) in Germany. Commissioned by our business partner KUKA, we were in charge of the project management for the robotic patient positioning
and imaging system at HIT. Later, Siemens Healthcare contracted BEC with the software integration and the visualization of treatment planning.


BEC Marburg CCC

Marburg Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) / GERMANY

At the Marburg Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) in Germany, BEC was responsible for the simulation and planning of treatment and CT rooms, the development of a safety concept for workfl ow optimization using a shuttle system, parts of the software and hardware modules for patient positioning and imaging robots, as well as software integration and visualization of treatment planning.