11/2015 San Francisco / USA - Through development of the floor-mounted examove 7F, BEC and KUKA added the last piece to a modular system for robotic patient positioning that can easily be customized for different areas of application. examove 7F can easily be installed in new and existing treatment rooms without requiring any structural alterations. The examove 7F patient positioning system is based on the KUKA KR300 R2500 ultra robot. Thousands of KR300 systems have been successfully installed worldwide and demonstrate their reliability day after day under the toughest conditions. Even though examove 7F is a very compact robotic positioning system it nonetheless boasts a payload capacity of up to 300 kg. The agility of the robotic system enables examove 7F to position and move patients in all six degrees of freedom (DOF) and perform +/- 180 degree isocentric rotations. The exacontrol high-level drive controls allow safe, smooth motion with optimized drive settings. Weitere Informationen unter www.exacure.de