When you take a look around at BEC, the term hidden champion likely springs to mind. The company – which calls the small city of Pfullingen at the foot of Germany’s Swabian Alb plateau home – was founded in 2003 by then recent industrial engineering graduate Matthias Buck (BEC originally denoted Buck Engineering and Consulting). Presently employing a staff of 36 with sales of 6 million euros in 2016, BEC is a traditional mediumsized firm. What’s more, with recent sky-high growth rates the high-tech specialist is one of the fastest-growing firms in Germany’s southwest, which is rife with industry. This is evidenced by a certificate from Germany’s business magazine “Focus Money,” which is posted in the meeting room. The company also sports an impressive list of references. BEC’s operations cover research institutes in Australia, amusement parks in China, the renowned German Sport University Cologne, US treatment centers, all the way to a space telescope in the Atacama Desert where a robot controller installed by BEC is used to adjust the telescope (...)

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