becbox - the flexible experiment control box for research and development


Working on experiments has never been that flexible and easy!

  1. Configurate the control system in the classroom
  2. Test the setup with the peripheral hardware
  3. Transport the becbox to the experiment
  4. Connect the becbox via bus to the robot control
  5. Interact the system with mobile devices


electrical safety

  • Power input from standard 230 v power supply
  • 230 v modules are not accessable
  • Experiments run with low-volatage 24 v modules
  • Flexible configuration of the becbox modules
  • Digital and analog i/o modules
  • PLC control with web interface


becbox components

installation at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction at the University of stuttgart

  • Flexible robot cell for testing modern manufacturing processes
  • KUKA robot with BEC milling spindle package
  • 5 becbox experiment controls
  • Expandable up to 7 robots
  • Integration of different peripherals via becbox
  • Possibility to Manipulate the robots in real-time
  • Options implemented:
    • Linear axis
    • Additional positioner
    • Gripper change unit
    • Milling tool magazine on the rail


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