Industrial Solutions

Reliability and precision - Our strength lies in the design and construction of industry solutions for the highest accuracy, reliability and precision, in combination with high-speed performance. Take advantage of our comprehensive know-how and long-standing project experience to ensure competitive advantages for your company.

adaptshape - Robotic CNC Milling

Large-scale processing made affordable! On modern and cost-efficient production lines, CAD/CAM systems, CNC-controlled production and robot-based automation are already part of everyday routines. However, even more complex tasks such as milling, grinding and polishing of 3D parts can be performed in a cost-effective manner with today’s industrial robots. Our CAD/CAM solution makes it easy to convert CAD data into control programs for robots. The adaptshape systems impress with their great flexibility, ability to perform fast product changeovers and short setup times, offline programming and simulation of the workflow and the possibility of clock time determination prior to starting actual production.

BEC adaptshape large scale parts

BEC adaptshape large scale parts

BEC adaptshape combined effector for milling and wood nailing

BEC adaptshape combined effector for milling and wood nailing

BEC mobile platform for 2 robots

BEC mobile platform for 2 robots

Advantages of robotic milling systems

  • Cost-effective large-scale processing by cost-optimized milling cells with standard technologies.

  • Processing speed comparable to CNC machines, with an accuracy of approximately 1.0 mm.

  • Use for prototyping, molds for lightweight construction (smaller quantities), mold materials or millable aluminium, trimming and related processing.

  • Milling, lamination and finishing at the same workstation.

  • Based on established CAD/CAM solutions (1 million installations in the market, good distribution, easy to use).

BEC presents: The becbox


flexible experiment control box for research and development! Working on experiments has never been that flexible and easy!

  1. Configurate the control system in the classroom

  2. Test the setup with the peripheral hardware

  3. Transport the becbox to the experiment

  4. Connect the becbox via bus to the robot control

  5. Interact the system with mobile devices

Industry 4.0 - at BEC already "catalog goods"

While industry 4.0 in the SME sector currently still is only a research agenda, BEC has been developed and successfully integrated high-performance technology for several years for the production of the future. At BEC we offer solutions for robotic worker support in complex or dangerous working environments and assembly processes.  Based on a broad technological base and techniques we prove every day that the industry 4.0 is no longer in the future. Take the opportunity to implement the fourth industrial revolution in your business and exploit considerable potential for optimization in production and logistics.

Design und development

The demands placed on the quality of functional design and simulation are complex and diverse. CAD construction, industrial design, technology consultation and 3D analysis according to the finite element method are some of the services that we offer to support our customers’ ideas. Thanks to our experience in CAD-based simulation, we can detect any potential problems at a very early stage and ensure ready-to-install products.

bec design und entwicklung
  • 3D CAD design and development

  • Design of fiber composite and plastic components

  • Development according to legal requirements and standards (eg DIN 13485 )

  • FEM calculations and multi-body simulation

  • Product Life - Cycle Management with Oracle

  • Many years of experience in the fields of automation technology , engineering, medical devices and motion simulators

BEC steuerungstechnik

Control technology and software development

  • Real-time software development in C ++

  • Safe human-robot interaction

  • Collision-monitoring on hardware and software side

  • Development for PLC and high-level languages ( C ++ , Python , etc. )

  • Customized safety solutions

  • 3D-CAD design of control cabinets

production planning and Simulation

  • Real-time simulation expertise

  • 3D simulation of complex systems

  • Offline programming

  • Layout planning of automation solutions

  • Workplace planning

  • Value stream mapping

plant engineering

  • evelopment of human-robotic workstations

  • Construction of large medical equipment

  • Handling technology

  • Construction of large and high-precision machines

  • Turnkey delivery and integration into existing systems

  • Official KUKA System Partner for human-robotic Interaction